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Speedy Vamos

Uphill, downhill or on uneven surfaces: Adjust the wheelbase quickly, without needing to remove the wheels thus increasing the traction of the wheels - ideal for handbike riding. The Speedy Vamos offers a high degree of flexibility and comfort thanks to its easy to use wheelbase adjustment.

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Speedy Bike

If you are looking for ease of mobility and sporting riding style, the Speedy Bike is a must have. Driving the bike is fun; it takes you safely to your destination and promotes good health.

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Speedy Junior

The Speedy-Junior multiplies the rider's action radius. This additional scope puts children in a position to join in more with their peers at school and in their leisure time.

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Speedy Micro

Of course it is important for every child to learn how to ride a bike, and children in wheelchairs can enjoy the same experience with the Speedy Micro. For children, independently of their special needs, a bike is more than just a means of transport. Cycling means togetherness. It allows children to participate in activities with their peers. This is good for children's development and inclusion in society. This is why health insurance companies cover the acquisition costs in almost all cases.

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Speedy B26

When is a handbike more than a handbike? If you enjoy sports, but do not want to give up your usual wheelchair, then the Speedy B26 is the perfect choice for you. Even the basic equipment clearly has a sporting character.

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Speedy Elektra -No longer Available-

The all-electric mobility wheelchair user faces many challenges. Speedy has the solution. The Elektra 3 builds on the strengths of Elektra 2, but is a completely new development. It is leaner and lighter than its predecessor without compromising on performance. But the new design is only half the story. The technical details make the real difference. Forest paths, meadows, gravel paths, cobblestone roads, snow-covered paths or gradients, this power pack can tackle them all. The Speedy Elektra 3 offers excellent ride comfort, optimum ride characteristics and impressive motor performance.

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Speedy Buggy

Using a wheelchair can be pretty difficult - if the terrain makes it practically impossible for the small front wheels to roll. The Speedy Buggy provides noticeable relief when rolling and pushing.

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