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Uphill, downhill or on uneven surfaces: Adjust the wheelbase quickly, without needing to remove the wheels thus increasing the traction of the wheels - ideal for handbike riding. The Speedy Vamos offers a high degree of flexibility and comfort thanks to its easy to use wheelbase adjustment.


A sliding and locking mechanism developed by Speedy, makes it possible to move the wheelchair into the desired wheelbase position using the hand rim. This action is handled by the wheelchair owner themselves, without removing the wheels. A wheelbase adjustment to the rear increases the traction (ground contact) of the tires, thus making it safer. This position is particularly suitable for inexperienced first-timer users, when driving on uneven ground such as grass and gravel, or uphill and downhill travel.

A wheelbase adjustment to the front reduces the overall length of the wheelchair and allows the owner to use cramped spaces such as elevators or public non wheelchair-accessible toilets. However, the short position also offers active driving characteristics in combination with speedy wheelchair towing equipment. The tandem is more agile, rolls better and allows for a higher cornering speed. When driving on uneven terrain, an individually adjustable shock absorber (seat suspension) absorbs the vibrations and thus ensures a virtually vibration-free ride.

The Speedy Vamos’s one-handed brakes operate regardless of tyre pressure and wheelbase and even works on wet road surface. So you can reliably brake the wheelchair, even in bad weather. The side panels offer increased protection against splashing water with their increased surface area and remain in their position on the wheel, even after a wheelbase adjustment. This not removes the need for strenuous wheel changing, it also opens up space for getting in and out of the wheelchair.

technical specifications

Frame aluminium EN-AW 5083 powder-coated in RAL colour, frame integrated wheel base adjustment, drum brakes with one-hand operation, fabric upholstered seat, seat suspension, push handles

Seat width: 36 cm - 46 cm

On road width: SB + 23.5 cm (0°+2°) / SB + 26.5 cm (4°) / SB + 27.5 cm (6°)

Seat depth: 37 cm - 47 cm

Seat height front/rear: 45 cm - 50 cm / 43 cm - 48 cm

Back height: 32 cm - 44 cm

Overall height: Seat height at the rear + back height

Payload: 120 kg

Kerb weight: 18 kg (SB44)

Drive wheels: 24 inch, Marathon plus 24" x 1, Marathon Landcruiser 24" x 1.9

Steering wheels: Lightweight aluminium, 4" (100 mm), 5" (125 mm)

Foot rest: Depth 12.5 cm/16.5 cm/Width 21.5 cm/27.5 mm

Side section: Standard, Carbon: Anthracite, red, blue or green

Wheel camber: 0°, 2°, 4°, 6°

Optional accessories: Tandem system, tandem funnel, seat cushion (3 cm), calf strap, upper body seatbelt, LED taillight, spoke reflectors, utensil bag, walking aid holder, brake lever extension, spoke protectors (transparent), lateral supports

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