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Speedy Elight


The Speedy Elight combines a modern design with excellent ride comfort. Extremely robust in design, it is extremely agile and, like all Speedy towing devices, has a significantly improved rear tilt stability when coupled with a wheelchair. The compact dimensions make Elight the ideal towing device - on short trips, on holiday, at the spa or for a quick trip to the baker's shop around the corner.


With the electrical freewheeling motor, the user has the choice between a maximum speed of 6 km/h and the 10 or 14 km/h versions, which may be classed as vehicles in your country. As the top speed increases the torque decreases, with three variants offered from 69 Nm through 54 Nm to 46 Nm.

After preparing the Speedy Elight for use with the practical rocker switch, it is powered with pure motor power, and without any effort on the part of the rider, using the twist grip. The twist grip precisely controls the power and speed. The 20 inch spoke wheel with cross tyres offers particularly good grip. The disc and the V-brakes work independently of one another. This doubly ensures that the Elight can be stopped reliably.

The charge capacity and the battery consumption are indicated by a red, amber and green LED traffic light. The rider thus receives information about how far they can go with the respective charge state and when the batteries need to be charged. The removable batteries (15 Ah) can be charged directly on the device or using a charger from the accessory pack independently of the device. The charger can be used to charge a second pair of batteries while you are riding. The batteries can be removed without any cable clutter. This reduces the total weight to just 14.5 kg meaning that the Elight can be loaded easily and comfortably.

technical specifications

Weight: approx. 16 kg (without removable battery)

Max. motor speed: 6 km/h, 10 km/h (may be classed as a vehicle in your country), 14 km/h (may be classed as a vehicle in your country)

Towing capacity: max. 120 kg

Wheel size: 20 inch

Frame/equipment: St37 steel powder coated in RAL colour, automatic lift system (stainless steel), infinitely variable inertia steering dampers, trip computer

Handles: Handle left or right, twist grip left or right

Tyres: Schwalbe Black Jack 20 x 1.90

Drive system: Heinzmann(r) (250 Watt, 24 Volt, 39-69 Nm, freewheeling) | 10 bar capacity display with "ON/OFF" rocker switch

Battery: Lead fleece,24 V charger

Brake system: Shimano V-brakes and S-RAM disc brakes, manual brake lever or backpedal brakes.

Optional equipment: Luggage rack, Ortlieb pannier bags, charger, rear-view mirror, LED lighting set, LED taillight, leg support, leather trim for electronic housing, manoeuvring system, additional battery set

optional accessories

Handle for one - or two-sided lifting of the device when coupling and uncoupling.

The handle facilitates use when coupling and uncoupling.

For the resting the legs in the tandem operation in case of stiff knee joints. The distance to the bike and the incline to the front and back are adjustable.

LED headlights with batteries and charger, LED tail light with batteries, this is mounted on the wheelchair backrest.

Facilitates loading into the car.

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