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Speedy DUO 2


The speedy Duo 2 "thinks and feels with you". Where there are mobility or route profile barriers for the pure handbiking, the built-in electric motor helps.


The results of the Speedy Duo 2 development give the handbiker powerful motor support and individual setting as needed. Thus, almost every rider can handle longer, uneven paths and steep ascents without hesitation or master everyday life with the least effort, even on days when you are not feeling so good.

The Speedy Duo 2 is based on the Speedy Bike. However, a pivotal additional feature of the speedy Duo 2 is the motor with torque control. With the Speedy Duo 2, the rider has a combination of two devices in one: when the motor is switched off it’s a normal handbike; when the motor is switched on it’s a handbike that supports muscle strength using an electric motor.

Motor support means that the power that the rider applies with the crank revolution is sensed using torque control and motor power is added – whenever necessary. The driver thus receives support from the first second onward, and from stationary position, when setting off in rough terrain or on a gradient. The power that needs to be applied to the crank handle to activate the motor can be determined by the driver themselves using the torque adjustment lever; and the setting can be changed at any time.

Motor torque control also means that support is automatically switched on or off during the journey. For example, when riding on level ground without motor support, the control responds by automatically switching on motor support, as soon as the terrain gets steeper. When riding with the motor on, as soon as rough, bumpy terrain changes to smooth asphalt, or a headwind changes to calm conditions, the control responds by switching the motor off.

technical specifications

Weight: approx. 17 kg (without removable battery)

Max. motor speed: 10 km/h/14 km/h

Towing capacity: max. 120 kg

Wheel size: 20 inch

Frame/equipment: St37 steel powder coated in RAL colour, standard or shortened frame, kink protection system for Bowden cables, automatic lift system (stainless steel), infinitely variable steering dampers, chain guard and frame integrated chain tensioner, stand, bell, trip computer

Cranks: straight cranks 170 - 110 mm pitch circle, V cranks 170 mm

Handles: horizontal handles, ergonomic handles (optionally with back of hand support, lower arm support or wrist support), Tetra 4 handles

Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon plus 20 x 1.75 | Schwalbe Black Jack 20 x 1.90

Drive system: Heinzmann(r) (250 Watt, 24 Volt, 39-69 Nm) | adjustable torque control, 10 bar capacity display with "ON/OFF" rocker switches

Battery: Lead fleece 15 Ah and 24 Ah, 24 V charger

Gear system: Shimano Deore 8-speed derailleur (gear ratio range 246%): Twist-grip gears, grid gears, chin gears (only with backpedal brakes)

Brake system: Shimano V-brakes and S-RAM disc brakes, manual brake lever or backpedal brakes.

Optional equipment: LED lighting, Teflon tube chain coating, luggage rack, Ortlieb pannier bags, charger socket extension (only in conjunction with luggage rack), charger, horizontal or angled coupling handle, leg support, exercise bike, extra battery pack, manoeuvring aid

optional accessories

With latching gearshift on handle.

With twist-grip gearshift on handle.

Operated by pushing or pulling.

Change gears with your chin in case of missing hand function.

Handle for one- or two-sided lifting of the device when coupling and uncoupling.

The handle facilitates use when coupling and uncoupling.

Different crank lengths offered: 110, 130, 150 and 170 mm.

Extends the grip distance to approx. 20 cm

Covers the chain near the knee to protect the driver from soiling from the chain.

For the resting the legs in the tandem operation in case of stiff knee joints. The distance to the bike and the incline to the front and back are adjustable.

Train and maintain fitness all year round.

For transporting smaller items of luggage, load capacity up to 10 kg.

Transport bag made from durable nylon with long shoulder straps for pedestrians and short carrying handles for wheelchair users.

LED headlights with batteries and charger. LED rear light with batteries, is attached to the frame tube of the wheelchair.

A hand guide prevents hands slipping off to the side. The gap and angle to the back of the hand can be adjusted.

A combination of back of hand and wrist support.

The gap, length and angle to the lower arm and wrist support can be adjusted.

The handle with its eccentric fixation is automatically activated when the crank handle is pulled. Keeps the hand in a horizontal position.

Charge the battery regardless of the device.

The charging socket is covered if an additional luggage rack is fitted. This makes easy charging possible with luggage racks in place.

Facilitates loading into the car.

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